Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Merry, Happy Birthday, Year."

"I think I covered it all!" Said David as he slowly walk down the hallway at midnight to go to bed - as he put it - "Way passed my bed time!"

The dinner was fantastic last night and we didn't wait too long, which was good. I had the Victoria Crown Fillet with the horseradish crust and baked sweet potato was my side. I also tired their Sangria and it was delicious! :) We went home and watched some HGTV until 11:30 and then watched the Dick Clark's Rocking 2008 show. I was glad to see him back, not to say that I'm a personal fan or anything, but just to see him healthy enough to host another year of the ball drop show in NYC is a very nice start of the new year.

On the way home from dinner last night, we stopped by to see the Fantasy of Lights. It was their last night of showing. Here are some of the displays:

The welcome tunnel

The lighthouse

The carousel

The deer crossing us overhead

Little village

Giant wreath

This morning I woke up and made pancakes, and worked some more on the Honeycomb. Here is the progress:

And since I was taking pictures, I took one with the new organization in the cubby hole:

So inspired by my fellow knitter friends, here is a summary of what I've done in the knitting world in 2007:

Falling Leaves - my Summer of Socks 2007 KAL, first sock KAL, first pair of socks using magic cast on toe up technique, first pair of toe up socks and first 2 socks in 2 circulars needles. For those folks who don't know what that means, it just means I made two socks at the same times using two needles.

Swan Lake (MS3) - my first lace project, ever! my first stole, first beaded knitwear, first mystery knit along.

Cabled Pullover - my first sweater that required seaming. All pieces have cables all the way through and I learned how to cable without the cable needles. Best trick ever!

Petrol and Petrol Modfied - Vests for my dad. These didn't really take that long, but they sure did feel like they took forever because of the forever stockinette stitches. They did however earned me Harmony :).

Hemlock Ring Blanket - It is a gorgeous blanket, despite the fact I had a lot of problem with the yarn, but I got my money back, so no complaints. My mom absolutely loved it. She took it home the day after it was completed.

Petal Dishcloth - my first dishcloth ever. It is a cute and super fast pattern. Made it with wool and my Christmas Swap partner is using it as a doily for her candle that I got her.

Diamond Spires Shawl - Second shawl, but using a DK weight yarn. This was a model knit for Schaefer Yarn. Loooove the yarn. First model knit for Schaefer Yarn.

Baby Cable Rib Neckwarmer/Headband - I knitted this in under TWO hours! Fastest knit ever! I made this for my new German friend who I got to know through the Christmas Swap. She had sent me a beautiful package for Christmas and I in term returned the favor.

Christmas Ornaments - I made a grand total of 18 of them!!! And I got Anphoe, JennM and Knelley all hooked on making them!

Vine - It was a super fast knit and my second pair of mitts. They were a very fast knit and was for my future SIL.

Knitted Tees - I knitted three of those for Farmhouse Yarns. It was the first model knitting I've done and first top down knitted shirt I've made. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them, nor blog about them for some reason. Oh well. Carol said she'll get them back before June so maybe I'll get some pictures then and I can put it on my Ravelry.

Phew~ there you have it. My knitted items for 2007. My other knitting accomplishments in 2007 includes:
  1. I joined Ravelry.
  2. I started going to Thursday SnB, which I wish I've done earlier. The ladies I sit and knit with are amazing. I'm grateful for having them as my friends. My Wednesday buddies, don't worry, you are still my friends - without you guys, I would have just rot in my own apartment! ;) (According to the Yale's Daily, I started going to SnB because I had no friends...)
  3. I got a Yarn Wall!
  4. I joined my first ever swap, got burned, but my second swap was wonderful. Through the swap, I have now three new friends - Irene, Andrea and Robin.
  5. I had multiple projects on WIP at the same time!!!!
  6. I started a KAL (Knit Along). Although I haven't yet started the project yet...
  7. I organized my knitting pattern into sleeves and put them all in a binder.
  8. I received a swift as birthday present so I never had to ask David to help again... hmmm... I think I just figure out why he got me a swift...
I'm sure I forgot some but that's all I can think of now. Besides the above, I also started following some food blogs, mainly on gluten free recipes and am very inspired by it. I also made a wedding webpage and planned most of the wedding, pick out the bridesmaid dress, sent out the save the date, and started a registry.

For 2008, here are some of the things I would like to accomplish:
  1. Finish all the wedding knitting on time.
  2. Reduce 20% of my stash by making more projects.
  3. Finish Irish Hiking Scarf.
  4. Finish Secret of the Stole I.
  5. Finish Aspen Top Down Sweater.
  6. Continue to model knit with Schaefer - although I really need to manage it so I don't overwhelm myself.
  7. Start Autumn Rose Pullover - Fair Isle here I come!
  8. Felt something. May it be clogs or bags.
  9. Learn to spin if we move and have more room.
  10. Learn to dye if we move and have more room.
Well I think that's a lot to do already! I better get cracking!!! Besides the knitting goals, here are some of my other goals for 2008:
  1. Be nice. Not to say I'm not nice, but sometimes I'm not, especially when I am losing my patience, which leads to no. 2
  2. Be patient.
  3. Complete all wedding details by mid-August. We'll see how this one goes...
  4. Experiment with gluten free cakes - maybe I can make the wedding cupcakes?? Or at least have the recipes to do it? We tired Baby Cakes at NYC, they were good, but we weren't completely thrilled with them.
  5. Spend more time on my business. I know I can do it, but it's the motivation part of it... Knitting? Work? hmmm which one to pick?
I'm sure I have more, but this is what I got so far. If i remember more, I'll sure to add them into the list.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Superb New Year.


Robin said...

I must say that 2007 had it's bad points but meeting new fiber friends really perked things up for me. Thanks Jenn for being such a great blog buddy and swap partner!

JennM said...

You've accomplished a lot and I've glad I got to know you.

As far as your wedding preparations go, the best advice I can give you (based upon my own experience planning my own wedding) is this:

When you get "helpful" advice that you don't necessarily agree with, just nod your head, say "Thank you" and do whatever the hell you want to do! Works everytime and you don't get all stressed out.

Jessica said...

You got a lot done in 2007! Hope you had a great holiday and a great birthday too!

Archiknist said...

Happy New Year & late Birthday!

My sister had a flourless chocolate cake as a layer of her wedding cake (the only part she ate), because that was easier for a regular bakery to make gluten free (and she's not so allergic that having a cake from a bakery that also makes regular cakes is a problem--I forget if that would be ok for David or not).

missburrows said...

Happy New Year!

Here are my unsolicited wedding tips:

1) Do what makes sense to you.

2) Don't make extra work for yourself.

If David is the only one that needs gluten free cake, wouldn't it make more sense for him to skip the cake (most couples don't ever eat at their own weddings anyway).
That way you can order a regular one and spend all the time it would have taken to research, bake and test gluten free stuff and instead spend some quality time together?

You can make the cake together on your One year anniversary when things are a little quieter.

Just a thought...

KnelleyBelley said...

You've been busy and you still have lots to do. I like that you want to be nice and patient as you move into the new year, especially as you plan for your wedding. You don't want to end up on that Bridezilla show! Just teasing you. It's hard to be nice and patient with so much to organize. Just do what's right for you and your man, and smile!