Monday, October 08, 2007

Dad's Vest #2

Finally finished! This one took me awhile because I was also busy doing MS3. So without further ado:

Dad's Vest #2

Pattern - My own with sizing from Petrol, size small
Yarn Used - 6.5 skein of Reynolds Odyssey
Needles - Denise size 7 for ribs, size 8 for body
Gauge - 8 sts per inch
Knit - September 06, 2007 to October 08, 2007
Modifications - None

This is a very easy knit. I was too lazy to calculate all the numbers so I just used Petrol's sizing. When I knitted Petrol, I used the medium sizing but my gauge is different than called for so it worked out smaller than it says. My dad is a little shorter than my brother so the vest should be okay length-wise.

So now that both FO are finished, I am able to cast on something else now. I think my next project would be the Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood. There is a KAL on this, click here if you are not on Ravelry, if you are, queue it here.

Speaking of KAL, I joined the Mystic Water KAL, thanks to CostumChick!! Yeah, I know, I have problems.

Switch gear to some wedding stuff - on the way to the gym, David stopped into Walgreens for a bottle of water, and he immediately called once he stepped in, "honey, turn the car off and come inside." Okay... maybe he forgot money... I walked in, there they are, lots of autumn decorations for $0.99 and $1.99... We came home with these:

15 metal leaves candle holders for $1.99 each and 4 ceramic maple leave candle holders for $0.99 each! And some Apple Cider tealights

The reason we only got 4 of the ceramic ones is because they ran out. We went to 3 other Walgreens on and off the way home but no one had it... :( I'm so sad now. So if you see them in your local Walgreens, please let me know!


anphoe said...

ok, I am the first this time!

The vest looks very nice. Love the color!

I don't think you have problems, because I have also joined the Mystic Water KAL, hahaha buddies!!

Jen said...

yeah FO! It looks great! And nice score on the Wallgreens loot. We don't have that store here, but you mind find something similar in a Pier 1 or Target - probably not as cheap, but since you've already saved some cash...