Thursday, November 08, 2007



It came in the mail tonight. These were my motivation/payment to finish the two vests for my dad. The needles were really not as bright as it seems, it is more of a darker color and very rich. I really like them. Now only if they came a couple of days ago before I cast on Diamond Spires Shawl... Oh well. I'll be testing them out on Mystic Water Stole or maybe my Moondance Stole, which ever I decided to be my next project.

My Ravelry shirt came too - well, it went to Anphoe, but I accidentally left it at work. I'll post about it tomorrow when I remember to bring it home. And I'll also post about the progress made on Diamond Spires as well. Until then.


Robin said...

Ohhhh, I'm so envious! But I DID get my Ravelry t-shirt this week too!
Have a great weekend.

anphoe said...

Harmony is in my Christmas list, hopefully I will get them too... Luck you!

We should wear the shirts at the same day once. :D