Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Winter down in CT has been very mild. Whenever you see the weather man forecasting northeast having big snow storm - substitute that with rain then it would be about correct every single time. To this date, we have no snow on the ground, which suites me just fine (less shoveling and plowing bills!). But up in Vermont, that's another story.

The view of Killington on Saturday morning

I think while I was there, there must be at least of a foot of snow fallen and even though it looks kinda scary (the snows were coming sideways!) but when it stopped, the time seemed to stopped and everything was on hold so everyone can stop and take a deep breath and taking in the beautiful scenery.

While David was skiing on Saturday, I knitted on for the Moondance for awhile but didn't make much progress as I discovered a mistake way down and couldn't live with it so I had to tink back quite a few rows. But on Sunday, I slept in and prepared to visited the LYSs in the area - to see the layout, and maybe pick the brain of the owners for having a yarn shop.

The first shop I went to was the White River Yarns.

The shop has been open just about year and an half and I am surprised that I didn't know it existed - especially I usually stayed in the Super 8 right down the street whenever we come up this way!

When I first walk in the store, all I can say was "Wow. This place feels inviting." The lighting was great and the store just has a very nice flow to it.

As you can see when you first walk in, you are greeted with comfy space to sit and knit, and the smile of Lois - well, you couldn't see Lois, but she is right in the center/back of the store facing the door. The space is not gigantic so you feel overwhelmed, but Lois carried a lot of different yarn, the key - half shelves! It was such a smart way to display double amount of yarn when you don't have a lot of space!

I expressed my intent immediately after I walked in and Lois welcomed the idea and jumped in immediately and give me pointers after pointers, tips after tips. Time flies when you are having fun - I arrived at 10:30am. Four hours later, David had called and said the race was over due to lightening and to stay at White River Yarns and they are coming back. By 4pm, he finally arrived, and I was still there, chatting away with Lois, and Jamie, who joined us about 3pm. And did I mention that I was going to visit the yarn shopS around town? Well, I only made it to White River, and it was soooo worth it. I can honestly say that I made a couple of friends while visiting and learning (a lot), and knitters are just the best people around the world!

Of course, I couldn't leave without purchasing some yarn:

The brown one is from MT Laurel Llama Ranch located in Grafton, NH. The yarn is fingering weight of 90% Llama, 10% Merino. A hefty 413 yards in 4 oz. The yarn is super soft and the price is right for the local grown and spun yarn.

The second skein is Wool/Bamboo Sock weight from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm. The work is just absolutely beautiful. She's got beautiful colorways which you can see the descriptions on her website. She's having some technical issues so you might not be able to see the pictures. I actually have never seen her work before and I am in just awe of the colorways. Of course, I couldn't go home without it. She sells them on her website currently and you can call to order or do online shopping. I'm thinking this one will do up a beautiful scarf instead of socks... hmmm... Time to go on Ravelry and do some pattern search!

So this weekend was just a time well spent weekend in VT. The beautiful view, the fresh air, and most importantly, the knowledge shared and friendship made during this trip. I highly recommend you visiting White River Yarns when you travel to, thru or nearby White River Junction, Vermont. It is well worth of your time.


Sunflowerfairy said...

As much as we missed you yesterday, I'm glad that you got in some fresh air time.

That store seems really clean, well lit, bright and most of all- organized!

Imagine that.

Karen said...

What a beautiful store that is! Sounds like you got good advice and made some friends. Just a wonderful weekend all the way around, huh? :)

Archiknist said...

Hey, I was thinking about seeing if you wanted to do something Saturday, but I was too lazy to call... clearly I need to read your blog better!

Glad you had a good time!

missburrows said...

Sounds like Lois had a lot of fun talking to you! How smart of you to get right to the source for advice!

KnelleyBelley said...

Yarn shop research looks like so much fun. What a nice store! Beautiful new yarn, too.

Karen said...

I just heard about a "DIY" LYS in Portland, Oregon. "[Y]ou choose the fiber, color, thickness, and amount, and can have your custom cone of yarn wound for you right on the spot."

And it's all priced by the pound: