Monday, November 19, 2007

*NOT* Your Daily Knitting Digest

Today, I want to talk about allergies.

I think most of my friends have allergies, either air born or food. Now aday, food allergies are so common that people don't actually think twice about it when someone say they are allergic to certain thing. Apparently, according to Seattle journalist, people who has special diets are "the Diva". Click here to read the article.

The article has really good intentions, but it came out all wrong. The generalization had made it an bad article, especially at the paragraph about Divas. I mean, we can all relate to that ONE person who is never satisfy about anything you do, who is always criticizing, who is always demanding, who is always ... The list goes on. However, people who has "Crazy Special Diets" doesn't always want to be the ones that has the special diets!

I first read about it from Adventure of a Digested Diva, a lady who has Celiac Disease. David is allergic to gluten so about half an year ago, I subscribed to some "gluten free" food blogs to learn about the foods and recipes.

I sent an email to our dear Seattle journalist. I doubt I'll hear from this lady ever, but at least, I gave her a piece of my mind. If you would like to give her a piece of your mind, her contact info is listed on the bottom of the article.

Good Night.

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Baby Beth said...

Wow. We had totally different views on that article. I saw the Diva thing as a person who is really picky about their food. Example: my cousin's wife has an issue with food's texture. If it's slimy/wet she won't eat it. If it looks weird, she won't eat. She's a Diva in that sense. Allergies you can't help. Maybe the journalist should have said The Quirky One and explained about weird food quirks. Who knows. But I'm glad you wrote and let her see how her article could be misunderstood.