Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seattle Time Editor's Response

I, like the Digestive Diva, also got an email back from the editor of Seattle Time, not the journalist herself, but the editor:

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the recent "Survival Guide for
Holiday Hosting" story. We realize now that we should not have included "gluten-free" as an example in the "Diva" category, as a gluten-free diet often is a medically diagnosed need, not a choice. On our website, we have changed that sentence to say: “The Diva has driven us crazy with high-maintenance demands like special diets and fresh towels every day.”

In past articles, we have taken great care to address the importance of gluten-free diets, and have even printed recipes for those needing alternatives. That said, your note is a good reminder that we need to stay mindful of this issue.

Thanks again.
Colleen McBrinn

The Seattle Times
Weekend Living Editor

It is the exact same letter, copied and pasted, from Digestive Diva. I am not completely happy as it still states "special diets" and sometimes special diets can still mean medical needs, but at least they recognized me and addressed the concerns. That will have to do for now.

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