Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nashville, Tennessee - Day 6

Today was COR day. COR? What is COR? COR is Council of Reprensentative, the voting member of each section. We meet face to face at national conference to conduct SWE business. During the year, we will do conference calls, but it is not the same when there is 133 members sit in the same room, voting on behalf of each of their own section.

But before that, I met Laura for breakfast. Laura was in my region and was the CLCC team lead in my region. However, due to work relocations, Laura had moved back to Region G. We had a good time and did a little of ranting to each other, which was much needed and appreciated.

At 10:00 am, I went to the membership meeting. There I found out membership growth and rention, and also that there were 5003 people who register for conference. I have to say, the Nashville convetion enter is prettyh small for 5003 people. There were classes in the hotel meeting rooms, and in some cases, there were classes held in the Hilton Hotel, which is cople blcoks away and Vandebelt University. Luckily, I didn't have any classes that were in those two locations. After the membershp meeting, COR meeting starts and we sat through 6 hours of business meeting - and it wasn't enough time because we actually ran outta time and didn't go over any of the reports! We are working very hard to try to reduce the time spent on a Saturday for all CORs. Hopefully next year it would be better.

Celebrate SWE! is the most exciting event all week. Our region dressed in Red, White and Blue with some "F" signs to be waved around. We tried for the spirited award, but another region end up winning it.

Our table

Our region on stage for the Spirit Award 2 min presentation. We change the words to the song "We are family" and used it as our main song.

All the RPI students and alumni at the event

This event concludes the SWE conference for FY08. I will be going home tomorrow late morning. The daily report of SWE conference bid you good bye and see you next year in Baltimore, MD!!!

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