Friday, October 26, 2007

Nashville, Tennessee - Day 5

Today started at 9am. I got up and went to the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee training. It was a short training and it was over before I know it. I had a lot of time before my next session, so I met up with Suzette to go to the Grand Ole Opry House. And while we were parking, we ran into Jonna, Jonna's mom, Jonna's son, Sherisse and Andrea.

However, the auditorium itself was unavailable due to a local school field trip, so we went to the museum instead. It was very interesting as I've never know some of these country singers before, and the rich history behind it. I actually really want to watch the movie "Walk the Line" now.

After the museum, we stopped at this place to have lunch in the Opry Mill:

Aquarium, An Underwater Dinning Adventure

We really felt like we were sitting under water! There is a huge "tank" (more like the whole wall) with sharks and sting rays and other fish. It was really fun and Jonna's son really liked it. The food was great as well. I had fish tacos and it has this sauce that was super delicious. I think I'm gonna try making fish tacos at home at some point. Sherisse had given us a tip on making fish tacos and it just sounds so easy!

We barely made it back to our 1:30 seminar. After the seminar, I came back to the hotel room to unwind a bit, and then met up with Kim for dinner. Because it was Friday night, the line was super long, but since we both didn't have anything line up for the night, we waited. The food was only so-so, nothing spectacular.

On our way back, we met up with Kristine and few other fellow Region F members and went to Cayote Ugly. Yes, five girls went there, and no, it wasn't fun at all. We must have stayed for total of 10 mins, and we left and went to Cadillac Ranch. On the second floor, they had a mechanical bull and Kim gave it a shot:

We stayed on the second floor for quite awhile and had a lot of fun watching people trying out the bull riding. As we were going downstairs to check out the dance floor, we bumped into more Region F members.

The RPI girls - L to R: Mary, Ashley, Meaghan and me

It was a fun night overall. Although, I do have to say I can't believe this conference is almost over. Time flies when we have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Walk The Line is one of my favorite movies.
I'm disappointed to hear that Coyote Ugly isn't that great though.