Sunday, October 28, 2007


I can't believe it has been a whole week! As much as I like to travel, there is definitely no place like home. Puppies are very happy to see me. Here is the proof:

I was going through my bag on the floor and Mick put his head on my leg and wouldn't move! I think he thinks that he is still only 10 lbs, instead of 100 lbs.

Also, some packages arrived while I was away:

Zephyr order

Color cards and some samples to try from Sarah's Yarn

Schaefer Yarn and pattern

The Schaefer yarn Judith and the Diamond Spires Shawl pattern are for model knitting for Schaefer Yarn. Archiknist does design for them and when she ran into Laura at Rhinebeck, Laura had asked Archiknist to see if anyone from SnB would like to do model knitting. And here I am, with the beautiful alpaca yarn.

And I just want to say right here, Sarah's Yarn has the BEST customer service, EVER! I had some questions prior to my order so I emailed my question via online form submission. In merely an hour, I got a reply back from Sarah herself! She was so patient (I must emailed her three or four times with different questions) and timely, it is hard not to do a plug for her on my blog. Also, the shipping is superb! Maybe it is located in Brooklyn so it is fairly close, but shipping is 1 day ground via UPS. It is not as much as I thought it would and super fast!

Oh, and here is the HRB progress:

It is a little hard to see since it is so much bigger now and I can't stretch it out on my needles. I have to finish it soon so I can give it to my mom - although she doesn't know it yet :) My parents are in the States and will be coming to visit on Tuesday. YAY! :)

Ok, the game is on. GO RED SOX!


JennM said...

The yarn is beautiful, Jenn! The HRB is coming along nicely (even with the problems you've had with the yarn).

Robin said...

Your purchases are BEAUTIFUL!! I know you are glad to be home too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry I couldn't talk today...people at work were driving me nuts! So I just wanted to say, thank you for your advice...he's doing a little better now.
ps. Yay,Zephyr!!