Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nashville, Tennessee - Day 4

Before I start the daily report, I want to tell y'all about a...


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Ok, back to the daily regular programing...

The conference officially started. We had a keynote breakfast and the keynote speak Adrian Brown is the CEO of Honeywell Transportation and Consumer Goods division. Adrian was a very good speaking. She was engageing and true to herself. Very articulated concise with her message. I feel very energized after the breakfast.

After that, it was ALL SWE business. Approximately 150 women, COR (Council of Representative, sat in the same room for the next three hours and discuss the mega issue of the year - how to make COR more effective? We had a really good discussion but it is not over. We will continue the discussion and vote on the potential solution on Saturday.

By the time I was done with COR business, I went to the region meeting. I made some progress on HRB while I was there, but it is not quite done yet. After I got outta there, my brain was so fried I decided to sit in my hotel room and relax a bit. I made a little progress on SotS during then and watched the good ole Law and Order.

I met up with few of my friends after few episodes an went to Bailey's (a local bar) to watch the Red Sox game. It was a close one the whole time (2-1, Red Sox), but the Red Sox won anyways! :)

L to R: Emil, Kim, Denise, Kristine, Emily, Alexia, Trish, me, Carrie and Suzette posing in between the games

After the game was over, Kristine, Emily, Alexa, Trish and I went here:

The suite is run by few some senior members of the SWE. It is very fun and usually I learn a lot by going over and talking to them, not just leadership skills or technical things, but also the SWE knowledge, the fun and memorable time.

Tomorrow, I will have some time for workshops and maybe going to see the Ole Pry. Oh, and no I didn't get to meet the Ravelry friend yet. Conference is apparently too crazy!


Robin said...

Go Red Soxs!!
Thanks for the shout out!

Octopus Knits said...

Holy cow! You have been doing so much since I last commented - it's all fun to read about! (by the way, Your mystery stole looks great!)