Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Passed! :)

I passed my Series 6 exam! WOOHOO!!! It was a close call but I did it anyway :) Now I just have to pass the second portion of it... the law.

On the other news, I've been knitting away my Cabled Pullover. Only if it can go faster!!! I can't wait to wear it! It was sooooooooooo COLD yesterday! Today is actually not too bad but still... I wore my cawl neck sweater for the first time this year on Monday because I was in a "meat locker", aka conference room. Only if I knew it was going to be literally freezing out on Wednesday, I would have saved it for then.

I met Polly yesterday at SnB - she was very interesting and very knowledgable. I was suppose to send her some information, but I am currently having a senior moment and can't remember what I was suppose to send her... Oh well. Hopefully I will see her next week and can ask her again.

Oh! And today, I received catalogs from Jim Hjelm Occasions. Although I already found the dress I really like for the bridesmaids, I think I should still keep my options open.

Well, CSI is on... I'm off!

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Sunflowerfairy said...

Congrats on passing. You go!

My bridesmaid's dresses were the hardest to pick out. I had 1 skinny, 1 regular and 1 heavy. It's tough to find a style to look good on all.

You'll know it when you see it though.