Thursday, January 11, 2007


YES!!! My laptop had been out of commission for quite awhile with a broken hinge and was in Atlanta for repaire. I finally got it back today!!!

Couple immediate things I want to show off -

My cousin gave me this for my birthday/Christmas! It is SO AWESOME!!!! It even has my blog name on it!!!!!

And right now, it is happliy containing this:

And eventually it will look like this:

Cabled Pullover by Elizabeth Zimmerman from Luxe by Classic Elite Yarn

I also got a new camera, a Canon PowerShot SD630 from Costco, same price to the bottom line online store!!!

I also received this from my friend Joanna:

All 30 balls of it!!! I'm not sure what needle size the swatch was from, but I'll find out! I will be using it to make the Moon Dance Stole. I think it will be perfect for my wedding since our favorite song is Moon Dance from Van Morrison.

Trip to Michigan was a lot of fun! We babysat our nephew Colin. He is 3 and full of energy.

David is in New Hampshire skiing. It's been pretty cold all of the sudden!!! Hopefully it doesn't last too long :)

I will be taking my series 6 exam on Tuesday! Wish me luck!


anphoe said...

The sweater pattern is very unique, I can't wait to see the finished product. And good luck on your exam!!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Good luck on the test.

What site did she get the bag at again???

See ya soon.

Baby Beth said...

I LOVE Mooondance! What a great song. There's a little cafe in The City (SoHo) called Moondance but I didn't get a good look at might not be a reputable place, if you know what I mean. :) I'm creating my own gal RIGHT now.

Sachi said...

Psst! I have plenty of copies left of that first chapter. Drop me an email with your addy!

sachi s2112 aT YaHo0 d0t c0m