Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pink Frosting Update

No pictures tonight since work require me to get in at 6 this morning and 6 tomorrow morning and be locked in a room with few people to solve issues... very lack of sleep, but still made it to my SnB. I finally pick the Pink Frosting back up and weaved in all the ends. I finished one of the armholes and only have one more to go, then I will be doing the bottom edgeing, and then I will be done! I am currently wearing it right now to see the fit and it looks awesome! I will definitely have to take a picture when it's done or when I'm more awake.

On some yarn and accessary purchases - I bought a ball winder using JoAnn's 50% off coupon online, finally arrived today. I also purchased "Ole Blue Eyes" laceweight merino wool from from blackbunnyfibers. It arrived yesterday. I bought some crystals that will be coming in soon so I can test out the mohair with it to see how it drapes for the wedding gown... Stay tune!

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Suess said...

Hey there, love the pictures for the calendar. While of course the Bruno one is the cutest, i really like the one with the flower and (sorry, what is the knit piece?) on the ground. Hope you get some sleep soon!