Saturday, August 26, 2006

Progress Report and Summer BBQ

Soooo it's time for some progress report!!! First up is the Pink Frosting:

Pink Frosting - almost finished!

Pink Frosting - bottom edging detail

Pink Frosting - shoulder strap detail

Those crocheting was killing me! I must frog it 10 times on each side for the shoulder straps! The bottom edges were a little easier and I only have 4 more rounds left and I will be completely done with it!!!

Next is my first pair of socks - well, more like my first sock. The pattern is called Thuja from and the original socks were made for men, but I liked the simplicity so much I decided to make my first pair of socks in that pattern. I used the yarn I got from my fourth of July find (Minerva Sweater and Sock Yarn in grey). and a smaller needles (Size 3 Clover DPNs):

Thuja - top view

Thuja - side view

I made the cuff much shorter since I really like ankle socks more than crew socks. I am currently on the second one ready to make the heel flap.

Now on some new purchases that I talked about last week -

Ole Blue Eye

I purchased this from here. All of her stuff is just absolutly gorgeous. It is 100% Lace Weight Merino. It is very soft and the colorway is even more beautiful in person. I will have to find a pretty shawl pattern for it.

Royal Ball Winder

I wanted a winder for awhile now and I finally broke down and bought one. I got it from with a 50% off coupon. I think I paid 33 dollars after taxes and shipping, which is well worth it. Now I just have to find a swift I like.

Swarovski Crystals in Crystal, Light Peach, Silk AB, Cobalt, Light Amethyst Satin
Missing: Sapphire Satin

The only reason the sapphire is missing is because on Thursday, I took a beading/jewelry making class and made this bracelet:

My first bracelet with Swarovski crystal in Sapphire, Czech glass beads in light blue, 11/0 Delica in Caribbean

Close up for the bracelet - click for a brighter and bigger image

I took the class at Manifest Beads and there were only three of us plus the instructor. The class cost me 30 dollars plus supplies (about 5 dollars worth) and I had this beautiful bracelet to wear the next day! I was very happy with it and I would love to take another jewelry making class when I have some more time!

On Wednesday, I took the afternoon off and went to do this:

My first spindle and some roving to make yarn

Yarn!!! Made by ME!

I was very excited when I actually see yarn on my spindle! I had a lot of fun and made some new friends! It was in a group called Just Around Korner and they always meet at Oronoque Farm. The porch was a nice place to meet and we had some nice weather and awesome time. The instructor was Pat from Dream Come True Farm. She was very nice and explained the different type of roving and introduced us to Spinner's Notebook - filled with all different type of fibers! She taught us how to use top whirl drop spindles and we all made progress before we left there. Joyce was our host and I really enjoyed meeting her. She is planning on a needle felting class on the porch some time in October. I can't wait for that to come! Oh, did I mention the price? The cost of instructor was 45 dollars but there were 10 of us, so it only cost each of us 4.5 dollars to learn how to spin, and Pat only charged us 3 dollars for the fleece, or if we bought a spindle (Babe Spindles) it was 10 dollars and the fleece was free of charge, and she even gave me more and different type to try at home! What a bargain! And did I mention there were PIES? We had Cherry Crumble Pie and Coconut Cream Pie from the Oronoque Farm and they were just to die for! The "Farm" itself is very cute - It's actually a little farm store that sells all the country home stuff. The place is really a treat to be in, although I didn't buy anything (spent it all in yarn and stuff!)

Today David and I had a Summer BBQ. Everyone RSVP showed and everyone that were "not sure" didn't come. We had burgers, sausages, lots of fruit, chips and dips, different cheese and crackers and much more! Mom (David's mom) made a cake that spelled COOL and I can't believe I forgot to take pictures! In the O's, they have blue frosting and they look like pools! Little teddy graham bears were swimming and tanning in or near the pool. There were mini umbrellas shading the bears so they won't get "sun burn"! It was the cutest thing! Kate and Vin brought brownies with peanut butter chips in them... mmm... and Jim and Margret brought pasta salad. Krista made the low fat seven layer dip which was compile of low fat refried beans, salsa, olives, sour cream, scallions, cheese, and taco meat.

Jim and Margret brought the "washer" game. It is very similar to horseshoe, but instead, you throw giant washers into a coffee can that's been secured onto a wooden frame. It was quite a fun game! Jim and Margret's son made it up and now it's a game they bring to every picnic and BBQ!

So after I write, and you read, the whole novel, I suppose I should give your eyes a break. I will try to update it more often they will be shorter posts...


Lauren said...

Wow, Pink Frosting looks amazing. So much fancy crochet involved too! A ball winder is a necessity.

Sneaksleep said...

Pink Frosting looks amazing! I am so impressed that you did all that crochet, considering how little prior experience you had! Congrats!

Zarzuela said...

Wow! Everything you're doing looks great! Way to go! :)


Suess said...

That's beautiful! What an amazing amount of work, you're doing so good. Will look forward to seeing it on you too, bet its cute:-) Your other projects are interesting too, busy girl!