Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Swatching

So I finally got the yarn I needed to swatch the Wedding Gown yesterday:

Berroco Zen in Tofu and Crystal Palace Kid Merino in Misty Blue

There was no white Kid Merino at my LYS so I had to try it with a different color. I like the yarn so much I might go back to get another one so I can make a scarf or
shawl with it! Here is the swatch I knit up tonight for the Bodice of the gown:

And here is a picture of the close up:

I personally kinda like the little blue mix in with the white. It's very hard to tell and looks very cool together. Maybe I should knit the bodice with this combo?

I still need to knit the swatch for the skirt part of this gown and crochet the other gown to see what it looks like, but in the mean time, please click here to vote and choose the gown you like the best!


Melissa said...

I think you should definitely use two colors for the bodice. I was thinking a nice rose color might be cool for you. It is more Jenn, but I guess I would have to see it in person. By the way, I think I have a blog here now...

Joanne M said...

Oh! Congratulations!! That's wonderful news - and I can't believe you're *making* your wedding dress? Wow.