Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Swatching... Take Two

Sooo... I figure I should make another swatch on the wedding gown for the pink mohair with white ribbon because I thought it would match my wedding color (RED) better. And here is the result:

Berroco Zen in Tofu and Crystal Palace Kid Merino in Blush
And here is the close up of the stitches:

I have to say, I like the blue much better, even though I love pink!!! The pink made it look like the fabric "has been washed with a red garment and the dye came out to the white swatches" according to David, and I agree. Here is a picture of the two swatches next to each other:

As you can see, the pink is just too pink. If i go with this dress, I will probably use the blue with the ribbon yarn.

On the other news, I cast on for my first sock ever! I'm using the grey Minerva Sock and Sweater yarn (100% Virgin Wool) that I found from the antique shop from 1000 islands. I don't think the yarn company is around anymore but the yarn is still yummy. When I wound it the other day using Sneaksleep's ball winder and newly purchased swift, we realized it has two skeins in one! It was AWESOME! :)

On the other other news, I joined my first KAL!!! It's for Baltic Sea Stole, designed by Faina M. Letouchaia, and published by Fiber Trends. It will be my first KAL, and first lace project. I'll be going to my LYS to purchase the pattern this week sometime and maybe use some of the mohair yarns I purchased at the 1000 islands.

Well, happy knitting! I'll give you the update on the socks and the stole soon! and DON'T FORGET TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE GOWN!!!


Gina said...

Hi Jenn,
You are so cute that either gown would look beautiful on you I'm sure. How long to you have to knit it?

Zarzuela said...

Sounds like you have some seriously ambitious projects planned. Way to go! :)