Saturday, January 12, 2008

Moondance Progress

I finally had some time to make some progress on Moondance. And I'm loving it so far! It's actually a pretty easy pattern to memorize once I started. I finished Chart A today and am ready to tackle the next chart - it only needs 16 repeats!!!!

On other wedding news - I went to The White Dress By The Shore for a hair appointment, a mini trial with a hair consultant and try out hair pieces from the trunk show of Winters and Rain. And this is the do I came out of:

My money mirror shot

My do side way

The beautiful comb the stylist used on my hair

It's something close to what I want, but not completely. I like the curls, but there were too much. I do like the simplicity of the one bigger comb with little flowers in the hair though. So I'm definitely leaving this one on the books of possible hairdo.

Now I only need to work on the wedding invitations...


Anonymous said...

I like the do. It suits you. Oh and I LOVE your Moondance!

heidi said...

Your sweater looks really great on you!

KnelleyBelley said...

Moondance is looking good, and so are the curls.

dee said...

So glad to hear that moon dance isn't to difficult...I am just about to begin it too. What size needles are you using?