Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cocoa Swap Topic of the Week #4

What is your most memorable vacation? Where did you go? What made it memorable?

Well, I think every trip we went up to 1000 Islands for vacation is memorable, but the one in 2006 was the one David and I got engaged, so I guess that's the most memorable. And of course when I went to Germany to meet up with David, that was a very memorable 2 day weekend I've ever taken for sure.

I also finished the swatch for the scarf, but no pictures yet. The pattern isn't too bad, but I think I'll have to pay attention to it for a little while before I get a hang of it.

Completely random thought - I LOVE MYTHBUSTERS! Yes, I know, I am dorky.


Anonymous said...

Mythbusters is fantastic! ;-) GeeksRus chez Insanknitty!

Karen said...

That's not dorky at all! :) Talk about 2 guys who really enjoy their job and make it fun for the rest of us to watch.
Anxious to see a scarf photo tho!

JennM said...

Then we're both dorky because I never miss watching that show when it's on (because, well, I've been having an affair with Jamie.... :-)just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Mythbusters is awesome! I love the one where they test the mentos-diet coke myth.

Archiknist said...

Wouldn't that be a fun job!??