Sunday, September 09, 2007


This weekend was full of excitement as David and I decided last minute that we are gonna go autocrossing with his race car. He had worked hard to get it running and while the weather is still good and it is still the racing season, it is only reasonable for me to do some of HIS hobbies, instead of only doing things I want to do.

Isn't my baby cool?

It was very warm and humid, unlike the weather predicted of thunderstorm. David did a total of 5 runs, although one run he missed one gate so he had a "off course", but consider he's never done autocross before, I can shamelessly say that he was awesome and fast out there! AND he didn't knock over any cones! One thing we do have to improve for the next time is the food situation. We were so excited to go we didn't think about packing breakfast and lunch, only water! Luckily there is a Citco station with a mini-mart in it so we didn't go hungry for too long.

In between each run, there are time that we got to sit around. I brought knitting, of course (did you expect something different?), my dad's second vest, and MS3. I started off with the vest, but I ran out of yarn (forgot to bring extra with me) so I moved on to MS3. I finished clue 4 finally last night and got to work on the Wing today.

I have made quite a progress this week and I hope I can keep it up! I really, REALLY, want to cast on for Autumn Rose!!!! But only one easy, and one hard projects at one giving moment.

On football news - Patriots and Packers won on their first game of the season, which is a great thing :)

Oh, and I got my swapee for Football-a-long, but I'm not sure if it is suppose to be secret or not... And because some of the participants don't have a blog, they are not doing a questionnaire. I guess I'll be developing one tomorrow then.

Did you enjoy your weekend before it gets too cold?


Sneaksleep said...

Sounds like fun! I knew you guys had several cars, but I didn't know that one was a race car--cool!

Octopus Knits said...

Autocross, wow, crazy!

(Good job on MS3!)

Zarzuela said...

Your MS3 is looking quite lovely!