Friday, August 17, 2007


So this is a long overdue post that I should have done couple of weeks ago, but camera cable disappeared and I wanted to make sure the pictures get into the post. So I went to Best Buy and bought a cord the other day, and here I am...

I went to Atlanta for the Primerica Convention. There were approximately 60,000 people flue into Atlanta for this. They had warn the whole city that we were coming, including the MARTA (their subway system), the hotels, etc. My friend Lynn and I went down together, and we stayed at the Hilton along with three other people:

Unfortunately the first event was canceled so we had some free time on our hands and we decided to go visit my friend Kelly and her fabulous restaurant - Pacific Kitchen. They treated us like queens! When we first sat down, they brought out a fresh fesca they made with mango, guava, passion fruit and some bubblies to cleanse our pallet, and some fresh bread with WHOLE HEAD of roasted garlic!!! YUM! Then she treated us with some cheese platter that's paired with different type of fruit chutneys that were all fresh made in the kitchen, using the freshest ingredients that came that day. I ordered Sea Bass that flue directly from Hawaii that morning on dry ice, with roasted sweet yellow beats, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Everyone ordered a different dish and everybody said their dinner was excellent. Oh, did I mention we had White Sangria? Oh yeah... For dessert, we ordered EVERYTHING on the menu and Kelly sent out five flavors of sorbet, made in house, as complimentary. My favorite was the coconut lemongrass. When the desserts came out, we played musical plate - everyone take one bite and move on to the next dessert! All the desserts were good, but I have to pick a favorite, it would be the Strawberry Brown Butter Almond Torte. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of all of these...

The next morning, I didn't have any general sessions, but I had to go to the convention center to pick up my ticket for one of the paid sessions (they missed it in my packet). After that, Kelly came to pick me up at the hotel and went to Flying Biscuit for breakfast. This time, I remember to take a picture of all the good food:

My breakfast: 2 eggs over hard, 2 chicken sausage patties, grits, oatmeal pancake with fresh peach compote, and of course, biscuits with cranberry butter

Kelly's breakfast: 2 eggs over-easy, 2 chicken sausage patties, 2 turkey bacon strips, French toast with raspberry sauce, potatoes and biscuit with cranberry butter

We also ordered "Love Cake" which is this beans concoction... The hostess couldn't stop talking about it so we had to try it!

We said our goodbyes after the yummy breakfast and she dropped me off at the convention center for my first general session. It was a very good and useful session, and I got to meet several people who makes lots of $$ doing what I do, which validates my belief that I can do it. The opening night ceremony was also unbelievable - we filled the entire Georgia Dome!!! There were a lot of speakers, including Governor of Georgia, the CEO of Primerica, and a few million dollar earners. There were also a lot of recognitions as well.

Left to Right - Miriam, Diane, Lynn and Myself Front - Brian and Jen

Saturday morning was more recognition and general speakers. A lot of us had to sneak out so we can go to our next session - Women in Primerica. There were over 20,000 people in that single workshop! I got to listen to a lot of women who had done very well in Primerica, their stories, how they did it, why they did it. That workshop along was well worth my trip down to Atlanta.

Saturday night was the closing ceremony - again, the Dome was filled, everyone was cheering and more recognition was done. At the end of the ceremony, there were fireworks inside the Dome! It was quite a sight!

I learned a lot during the 4 days I was down in Atlanta, and the whole convention blew my mind. Meeting all the people who are making a ton of money validated my belief - it is real, and I can do it and make it be, and be somebody! I mean, which company in the world that you know pays 59 people OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR as their salary? They even had a record breaking this year with a couple making 5 million dollars this past 12 months!!!! Yeah... I believe I can be one of them someday. I know I will.

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