Sunday, August 19, 2007

Farmhouse Yarn Sale!

You didn't think I will miss a sale, would ya? Especially I have 158 dollars of credit from there!

Emily, Sami and I drove out there using my GPS... well, lets just say we had fun driving around in circles. It keeps taking us over to some people's house! There must be a road there before. We finally called Carol, the owner, for directions and got there around 3pm.

Silly me forgot to take a picture of the sale, but lets just say there are A LOT of Rubbermaid bins out. I looked through the $11/skein section but nothing really caught my eye. I was a women with a mission - I wanted something very felt-able because I really want to make a Farmer's Market Bag. And all of the sudden, I hit Jackpot!

8 skeins of dark red 3-ply merino

I found at least 20 skeins of these under some sweater skeins. I felt so soft and nice and I couldn't believe she discontinued it when she told me! She doesn't carry the 3-ply merino anymore because she couldn't get enough wool to make it. I was so glad I found these I took 8 skeins of them home! Some for the bag, and some for a vest/sweater. Then I found these:

4 skeins of single ply merino in Wine Rose

This color way is very similar to my sweater skein that I bought at the last sale, but less red, more white. I'm thinking of making either a vest or a lap blanket out of it. I was very happy I found these, and I decided that these are the only ones I'm gonna take with me from her fill the bag. So the three of us ended up sharing a bag, which worked out very well. Carol actually weighed each portion and make it percentage, then multiply that with the dollar amount, which is what each of us paid for! It was very scientific.

Besides the filled the bag and the $11/skein section, this time, she had a 2 dollar per item section (or 10 for $15) - all the stuff came from her sales guy, which are mostly acrylic stuff and samples, a lot of patterns and needles as well. I actually found these in there:

Paton's Kroy and Bernat Hot Sox

A skein of Nature's Palette

A skein of Jaeger Alpaca

Lots of cotton crochet threads

I couldn't believe it either! I was so psyched! Then Sami found this at the pattern stash:

Paton's Classic In Kroy Socks and Gloves

Of course I had to have it. I already see pattern in it that I want to make!

After we paid, we decided to stop in at this restaurant we passed by on the way to the sale:

We ordered these:

Emily's Chicken Picata with no capers

Sami's Shrimp and Scallop Penne a la Vodka

My pizza with fresh garlic, onions and broccoli

We left as happy women. We left at sunset and got back in town around 8ish. We had a little ball winding party at Emily and Sami's and I left home with lots of wounded yarn.

Carol had mentioned that she had more yarn to have another sale, but probably only one more, then she is done with the sale. Next time, I should probably stock up! She also mentioned to me about more sample knitting, although not right now because she is behind on the patterns, but she'll let me know whenever. Oh the fun!

So where is your loot from Farmhouse Yarn???

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Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you got yourself a pretty good stash there!
Mmm, the food looks good too. :)