Sunday, April 08, 2007

Utah! Finally...

So I was told by Sunflowerfairy to hurry up and update my blog so she can have some entertainment. The move has drive me crazy... boxes and more boxes. We are not even half way through yet!! Although, all the yarn have safely arrived though :)

So I found the cable for the camera finally... And Let me begin my Utah trip by showing you this:

Isn't it amazing? And that's just from the view of the airport! To be honest, I didn't know what to expect out of Utah. But I will go back in a heart beat!

We arrived Wednesday around lunch time. It was chilly but not freezing. We picked up our vehicle - a huge Suburban XL. I was very nervous as I had to drive this giant to my spa appointment the next day and I had no experience driving big vehicle at all! So David and Scott made me drive the Suburban from Salt Lake City to Park City (where we were staying). That's a good 45 mins drive! Luckily, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, plus lots of highway made it easier.

me driving the giant Suburban

Our condo was quite nice. It has a big gas fireplace and a nice size kitchen. There was a heated pool and jacuzzi outside. The bed was a little hard, but nothing is ever as good as your own anyway.

Krista and I walked around downtown Park City while David and Scott skiied at Park City trails. Park City is very much so a old/small town feel with lots of art and galleries. We must have stopped at 5 or 6 different galleries just in 2 to 3 blocks! There is a place called Mountain Body, which sells natural skin care and stuff, kind of like Lush. I got this hair mask that is so awesome I wish I got more!

We then went to Squatter's Roadhouse Grill for some dinner. I wasn't too hungry so I had these tuna eggroll thing... they were SO GOOD!

On Thursday, I dropped the three of them off at Canyons for skiing while I drove out to Midway for a beautifying day. The Spa was Aveda ceoncept spa and all the stuff they used on me were natural and smelled SO GOOD. I started by soaking in their mineral tub, then an hour of massage, an hour of facial, and manicure and pedicure. It literially took ALL DAY. By the time I left, it was 4pm. It was so relaxing and I came out feeling very good and happy.

On Friday, Utah got hit with LOTS of snow. It was so bad, we had to wait on the bottom of the mountain for the mountain to open because the roads leading to the lodge was too dangerous for people to drive on. In the mean time, David and Scott decided that they needed some powder skis so we went to a ski shop near the bottom of the mountain. They rented the skis while I found some awesome ski jacket and ski pants that matches my vest! :) Perfect for trying out snowboarding when we go up, and snowmobiling the next day! Plus they were half off... How can you say no to half off? :P

On the way to Alta/Snowbird

The long line going up the mountain

By the time we got onto of the mountain, it was already noon time, and all the snowboarding lessons were booked. So I sat in the exclusive lounge with lots of free energy bars and drinks (alcohol included) and watched Law and Order and knit. I had to say, by that point, I was disappointed on the progress I was making on my Cabled Pullover. Why exclusive lounge you asked? Well, Scott and Krista worked at Pepsi Co., and Pepsi has some corporate ski passes that can get you to the exclusive lounge and ski for free, and also don't have to wait in line for the lift! Needless to say, we felt spoiled :)

David and Scott came in after couple of hours. From what I understood, the powder were up to David's chest! That must be about at least 4' of snow! Krista came in awhile earlier, so we just sat around and ate food.

We went tubing after. I have never gone tubing before and now I know I am MISSING OUT! It was SO MUCH FUN! When we get home, I'll have to look for places for tubing!

All of us before Tubing :)

We got back to the condo exhausted (I wasn't sure why I was exhausted, but they all were so I guess I felt that I was, too). We made some dinner and turned in early for the snowmobiling the next day.

Let me just made this clear - I've done snowmobiling once before, and it was not too fast and the trails weren't too curvy, so I found it fun when I was doing it. But Saturday was a little scary. Well, A LOT scary. The trails were very curvy and we were going way faster than the first time I tried it. All I can think of is "Don't let go and you won't die!" Yeah, I was scared. We rented the snowmobiles for the whole day, but I felt so sick that I had to go lay down in the car for the afternoon. I think I got sick from the fumes but I know that's always gonna be there. At least David had some crazy fun without me though. Oh, and I did drive it while we were in a straight stretch. It wasn't too bad once I was driving. But I got scared once we were in the curvy part of the trails because I almost got us turned over couple of times. Overall, will I do it again? Probably. I think I just didn't have a good idea of what it was before and expected something completely different. Now I know, I will go prepared.

David and I on the trail with my new outfit :)

One of the views from the trail

Another view

On the way back to the Condo from snowmobiling

We got up early on Sunday and parted Park City goodbye. I had so much fun I didn't want it to end, then again, I don't think I ever wanted a vacation to end ever! One interesting thing - I saw one of the Baldwin brothers - Billy Baldwin! There were a few ladies that went crazy when they saw him, it was actually funny. Here I am, no clue as who he is, and Krista is trying to explain the Baldwin brothers to me (I know now who they are as I saw Alec Baldwin on The Good Shepard).

Some of you are probably wondering - no Yarn??? That's correct. I didn't get to go into Salt Lake City for yarn shopping, for once. But I do have some progress update and yarn shopping related things I would like to post though... Maybe the next post.


Baby Beth said...

Those pictures are beautiful!!! I'm slightly jealous minus the fact that I hate cold weather. :)

CinderOla said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm a little disappointed with the no yarn thing but I suppose I can let it slide this time. See you soon!

archiknist said...

That blue sky is gorgeous!

missburrows said...

After Scott gave up, your very patient husband-to-be took over teaching me how to ski.