Monday, October 23, 2006


If you asked a non-fiber artist what Saturday and Sunday 10/21/06 and 10/22/06 means to them, they will probably say, "I don't know? Just another weekend?" Well, to all fiber lovers, It was a weekend of fiber heaven - Rhinebeck!

Rhinebeck is really the NYS Wool and Sheep Festival, located at Dutchess County Fairground, at Rhinebeck, NY (hence the name). I worked on my business Saturday morning and met up with David at a nearby park and ride - off we went.

While we were driving there, I worked on the gift knitting, that just had been push up for a few weeks... eeks! But when I got there, no more knitting, only spending money!!! I got there around 12:30 and the festival already started for 2 and half hours!!! I rushed to the gate and throw the 20 bucks to the lady with two for today, and ran through the gate to join the fun (or dread, for the non-fiber people, such as David). I was so overwhelmed on how big the place is and didn't know where to start! David decided for me - Building E. We saw a ton of spinning wheels and drop spindles there, along with some very interesting yarn - Qiviut, the wool of the musk ox. They are super soft and super $$$. I decided that I should just put money away each year, buy one ball a time (natural color of course), and 10 years from now, I maybe can have a scarf made out of qiviut. Well, maybe a sweater, but here is a link to how much it cost...

We made our way out of Building E and went into Building A. There were a lot of yarn (surprise?) in that building, and I was tempted to buy the whole place down, but I pull myself together and firmly reminded myself that I only have $100 to spend. But when I get to the exit of this building, I fell in love with this:

Primero by Notable Yarns - Brooks Farm

100% Kid Mohair!!! Needless to day, I brought two skeins home :) I got lucky and when I was in line, I found these colorway on sale, instead of the similar color that I was going to pay full price for. Check out Notable Yarn! All their yarn are super soft and luxurious! I will be playing with them once I figure out what to make them into. I have about 1000 yards of it, and it calls for size 5 or 6 needles. Any suggestion is welcome!

After the long line, we made our way to the pretzel stand and got me a pretzel for lunch, and wouldn't you know, I met one of my blogger squares right at the line!!! She bought a beautiful drop spindle! That would hopefully be something I'll be looking for next year! :)

While I was eating, I realize - crap, its 3pm! I gotta go meet Stitchy McYarnpants!!! The one and only who organized Blogger Bingo! :) I stuffed my pretzel down while running to Barn 39, in hope of getting a glimpse of a lady who does such a great job of bringing the interesting artifacts of the craft we all love so much. And I was in luck:

Stitchy with the lamby scarf in honor of blogger bingo and me with my "psycho/serial killer" bingo card

I didn't get a book, but she did sign my bingo card right in the middle :) The scarf she was holding is hand felted by Woolybuns. At least, I think it's by Woolybuns. It was so cute! :)

When we finished walking through 39, we came to this:

Sheep dog demonstration

The Border Collie was so smart, and has SO MUCH ENERGY!!! It listened to all the commend and was very determined to get thoes sheep to the little gated area! I certainly can not be getting those dogs - too smart and energized!!! They will be bord to death if I own them!

We then get to the barn area, where all the live stocks are - there are sheeps, all different types, goats, llamas, alpacas, etc. I took some pictures of each...

Cashmere Goat!


Another type of sheep!

Another fuzzy sheep!



I thought the Cashmere goat was the cutest thing ever! He would sniff our hand and lower his head to have us pet him!!! David and I agreed that if we get the new house with the 0.62 acre yard, we would consider to get a cashmere goat - then we'll never have to mow the lawn!!!!

We walked around some more - the place is full of yarn, roving, raw fleece, spinning wheels and drop spindles. On top of that, there are people who are selling herbal soaps, cosmetics, lotions, teas, etc. It was truly a great festival! While we were walking around, we saw one of these:

Angora rabbit!

I thought they were the fuzziest thing ever! David used to have one named Bunny Bunny, but Bruno didn't like Bunny Bunny much though. Since I already basically blow my budget on buying those kid mohair yarn, I got myself a mini skein of 100% angora yarn to make myself a pair of sock earrings or something:

20 yards of Angora yarn!

While in that building, we also saw this:

A giant Christmas stocking!

I couldn't resist of taking a picture! David said if I would fill the stocking for him, he would buy it for me. I told him, "I rather knit it myself!" ha!

The last building we were in before we got kicked out had these:

Great Pyrenese puppies!

The lady had them there because they just got them and they didn't want to leave them home. They really reminded me of Mick and Vanilla as they even act like them before one of them fell asleep! (the other one was already sleeping.) We rescued Mick and Vanilla so we never saw how small they were, but I guess that's what they looked like before we got them!

In the same building, there was this huge bin of sale yarn - just general stuff you can buy from the store that they were purging out. I got these for 3 dollars a ball:

Some wool from a French company?

I wanted to use these to make some home socks. The color was very vibrant that I couldn't resist.

We also saw American Heirloom there. They make oriental rugs and they teach people how to make them. It was absolutely amazing how that lady was just sitting making the rugs! David was even impressed by it and wanted me to make one! We found some very cool design at their site, and maybe, just maybe, I'll make one for the new house or something...

The festival closed at 5pm. David dragged my butt out after EVERYTHING was closed down. I decided that we need to go for the whole weekend instead for next year, he goes, "honey, that's too far ahead to plan, we'll talk about it when it comes!" No, David is not a planner.

Instead of sitting in traffic, we pull into a local restaurant called "Double-O Grill and Bar". The food was excellent. While we were waiting (the line was very long), I pulled out my knitting and was sitting on the waiting bench next to a group of ladies, who also just left the festival. We got to talking and it turns out Elizabeth owns a llama farm and Jenny teaches spinning! We got called first, so we went and sat down. After our appertizer came, guess who came and sat down next to us?

The nice ladies from VT!!!

By then, I had to take a pictures since this must be meant to be!!! We had a nice meal and great conversations with the ladies, and left as happy campers with full stomach.

Rhinebeck was definitely every fiber artists' heaven. I made some new friends, and would definitely be back next year!


Adrian said...

You seriously had the best bingo card there. Stitchy must have been proud.

It was lovely to meet you!

beverly said...

I loved your picture card--so smart!

Zarzuela said...

Sorry I missed you this weekend but it looks like you had a great time. :)


JessaLu said...

I couldn't remember your name (I'm terrible, I'm sorry) but I recognized your face from Jenny's blog, which I just stumbled upon :o)

You seriously had the most organized Bingo card I've ever seen - I hope you won something! ;o) It was great to meet you, if only for a moment :o)