Friday, October 27, 2006

Not a typical Monday

After work on Monday, I came home to these:

My replacements and new additons from Denise and my Rhinebeck Bingo button

The button was a little too late, oh well. But the needles are just in time! (for SnB of course!) I am almost finished with the sweater for my mom, and after that, I can concentrate on my dad's gloves and then the gift knitting I've been working on slowly.

Jenny had this picture up on her blog and I liked it so much I stole it :)

David and I at Double-O Grill after Rhinebeck

The food was awesome, and we had a blast at Rhinebeck. Even David liked it, too! Yes, he told me so!

And I leave you with my loves:

How can you not love them?

Happy Knitting!

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anphoe said...

Nice picture!!