Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Comments, anyone?

So as most of you already saw the last post that I got engaged! :) I was so excited that I started making guest list, even though it's not going to be till sometime in the '08.

I did make one observation about the whole blog thing though: even though a lot of my friends read it, but they never made any comments so I have no clue who saw the post and who didn't. I do have to say, as a blogger, it's VERY EXCITING to see someone post a comment for certain post I made because at least for me, I feel like I'm not talking to myself! :) And that someone actually care about my posts!!! :)

Anyway, just a little observation...

By the way, my blog is best to be viewed with Mozilla, instead of IE... evil IE!!!

1 comment:

Suess said...

Yeah Jenn! Congratulations on the engagement. I know I saw the ring in person before it was official...the pictures of it on you are great:) Good luck with the planning of the wedding. The time will fly I'm sure. We arrived as you've read. Thanks for your comments. It was spotty internet access on the way but we should be up and running and I should be able to keep up on blogs more regularly and promise to comment too. I know its more fun this way. Hi to all the fuzzy friends.