Thursday, July 06, 2006

1000 Islands, NY

I'm back! From the beautiful 1000 islands region in upstate New York. David and I camped at Wellesley Island State Park for the extended weekend and had a load of fun!

On Friday morning, we packed up the car, dropped off Mick to our neighbors and Vanilla to the vet, and off we went. We stopped at Utica to see David's grandma Nancy and went to PriceChopper to get some food for us. We had the dinners planned -

Friday night: Grilled teriyaki steaks with campfire sweet potatoes
Saturday night: Dinner with the LaVine family
Sunday night: Grilled steak tip kabobs with yellow peppers, baby portabello mushrooms, and pineapples, and campfire corn on the cob
Monday night: Campfire chili dogs and burgers and campfire sweet potatoes
Tuesday night: Grilled burgers and campfire corn on the cob

We also had cheese omlets, oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast and packed sandwiches for lunch everyday. We were never at the camp site during lunch time, but we are able to pack our lunches with this awesome backpack we got on sale that serves as a cooler.

We got the the camp site around 6pm, it was still bright out. We set up tent and our picnic table with a pop-up awning and immediately started cooking. We were hungry! David's brother Danny came around 9ish and stayed at the camp site with us for the night. The night was beautiful with a little breeze, unlike the weather forcasted thunderstorms. When we finally went to bed at 12 - yes, that's late for David and I, since we usually go to bed around 10, we didn't get rid of the trash the same night, thinking that we'll just drop it off in the morning. What a big mistake that was! All of the sudden, Danny said "I think there are something outside our tents." We looked out and there is a racoon standing up trying to get the trash bag. Apprently, it really wanted the burned jiffy-pop! See him trying to get the bag???

We spent the day with the LaVine family. They were all staying at the Fisherman's Wharf Motel, the motel is right on the St. Lawrence Seaway and we just hung out on the deck all afternoon. When David's dad heard that we were going to be in 1000 islands area for 4th of July weekend, he decided that it was a good idea to have a family reunion there at the same time. It was nice to hang out and see the family. Since I was already in Alexandria Bay, the heart of the 1000 islands, Sheryl (David's stepmom) and I decided to take a stroll and go jewelry shopping at Treasure Islands and go check out some shops. I got Sheryl hooked on Treasure Islands I think she must have went back at least once a day during her stay there. I didn't get anything then, but when we went to Good Dog Charlie, they had a yarn shop inside. What a deal I got!!! I got 26 balls of wool yarn from Italy for 52 dollars! They were originally $7.50 each! I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling! :)

Sunday was a lazy, bum around day. David and I strolled around Alexandria Bay and all the shops and hung out with grandma in the afternoon. We then went over to Clayton, the next town over, the check out Alex and BJ's new shop there. They just recently opened the second store of Treasure Islands and has similar but different jewelry there. David got me these pearl earrings that are just darling. They can be dressed up or down easily. I had a simple necklace to match and was then looking for a bracelet to match. We decided to go back to the original store later on to see if there is anything else there, since it is Sunday and everything closes early. I do however, have to mention the great find I encountered, of course, it is yarn related :). When we were walking to the jewelry store, we passed a antique shop on the way. We decided to stop in to see what kind of stuff they have. The shop has mostly antique funitures, but tuck away at the corner of the house, was a little room full of yarn! Mostly they are old brands that I've never heard of, but they were 100% wool and still in very nice condition. I asked the owner how much she wanted for the yarn and she said, "oh, probably 50 cents each." FIFTY CENTS!!!!! Did I hear that right? I stared at David, and said "Should I buy the whole store?" Needless to say, I got a bunch, well, 40 skeins to be exact, for 20 bucks! I think I was in yarn heaven at that point.

On Monday, we went to Canada. My first trip to Canada. I was very excited, thinking that I would finally get my passport stamped - WRONG! They didn't stamp it either! I was rather disappointed. We entered through Ontario. Right after we cross the border, there is a place called the skydeck, which overlooks the St. Lawrence Seaway and the islands. We took the express elevator up and it was a breath taking view. We even located, or somewhat located, where we were camping! The first city we went to was called Gananoque. It has a nice green with the city hall right in downtown. They have a lot of nice little shops and galleries. We stayed at the park and had our lunch there. The second place we went to was Rockport, which is literally a drive through town. There was nothing besides a gift shop and some marinas. It was rather disappointing. On the way back to the United States, we stopped at the duty free place, but we only got a very cute mug for momento.

Right before we went to Canada, we went to this little community called "The Thousand Islands Park". It is a little private community that has a very nice feel to it. Right in the "downtown" area, there is a antique shop called "Park Antique". We went in and the place has a ton of jewelries! David found this beautiful rose brooch for my red scarf that I just finished not too long ago. Of course, I had to get it. They also had crochet hooks make out of ivory. They were gorgeous! But I didn't have the budget for them. Maybe if they are still there next year, I will get them then.

Tuesday was the actual 4th of July and David and I went on the Uncle Sam Boat Tour late morning. We cruise through the islands and saw all the beautiful mansions and houses on the islands. Before we got on the tour, we stopped in the Treasure Islands and found a very nice and simple bracelet to match the pearl earrings. During the night, we went back on the boat to see the fireworks on the river. It was SOOOOO COLD! The wind was against us and did not stop. I thought for sure I was going to catch a cold!

I got up early on Wednesday, packed up and left the beautiful 1000 islands. This is our second year coming together, I have a feeling that it is going to be an annual thing from now on.


Joanne M said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! Next time (?), drive about 45 minutes after you cross the border, into Kingston. That's where I went to University - it's a great town.

Zarzuela said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Racoons can be such a pain on camping trips. I've driven through that area before but never gotten to stay there. I'll definitely have to put it on the list now. :)