Monday, June 26, 2006

Vanilla!!! and some Knitting :)

So after much anticipation, here is a picture of Vanilla. She is not as photogenic as Mick, but she is really beautiful and cute. She is very sweet and would come up to David and I quietly, wanting to be petted.

One thing we did find out about her though: She apparently DOES NOT like wet grass. Now, does anyone of you out there know ANY dog that doesn't like wet grass? I guess we got ourselves a princess. This past week, she wouldn't go do her business at all where she suppose to go! Today, after we got out of work, she ran right onto the grass and everything was fine and dandy.

So here is another picture - Mick. He on the other hand is very photogenic. Our bed is his favorite spot, especially when we are in it. See how he takes the whole bed horizontally and right in the smacking middle? Well he does that no matter if you are in the bed or not, so often time when I am still sleeping, I find myself couldn't breath and when I finally decide to open my eyes to check out what is going on, Mick's head would be laying on top of my stomach - snoring, very cute, but just a little hard to breath for me.

Well, time to show off my first sweater! It took me three months working on it, on and off. The best part about this sweater is that I didn't have to sew at all :) I worked the body from bottom up, split it to half when it reached to the arm holes and work on the front and back separately. Then I did three needles bindoff for the shoulders and pick up the neck to finish the main part. I then pick up stitches on the arm holes and knit the length of the arms.

I follow the direction from the pattern but the arms didn't come out the way I wanted it. It was almost puffy on the shoulder and it was really, well, ugly. I took it all apart and re-did the entire arm. I feel much better now and I can't wait to wear it this coming winter - not like I'm asking for winter or anything, just want to have an excuse to wear it :)

So here is the scarf I've been working on. This pattern is really cool and I love it. Thank you Lauren for the pattern :) I only have 2 balls of yarn so it turned out to be a short scarf. I will need to find a way to keep the scarf close, though. I thought about taking a jewelry making/beading class and maybe make a brooch or pin to compliment it.

Well, I think it's getting late... I will have to post some more pictures later...

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Lauren said...

The sweater looks great and you did an amazing job with the scarf (and now any cables will seem simple!). You could probably sew on a button and wedge it between some stitches to close it.