Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Knitting Night

So for about half a year now, I've been going to my local Stitch n Bitch group, a social group that welcome any crafters to hang out, chat (or bitch), and do crafts! Most of the people who go are knitters, there are a few crocheters, and sometimes, other people bring in scrapbooking, needle arts, etc. There really isn't any limitation to join the group, even if you don't do craft, you can just come and meet new people and hang out! You can find the group website on the side of this blog, or you can just search it on Yahoo! groups. It happens on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the New Haven groups, and there are other ones in your local area.

Today, I brought some magazines that I wanted to catch up on to read. I am in between projects right now since I ran out of yarn for the newest project and am really trying to save up money to pay off my debt, so no new yarns for a little while. Even though I wasn't knitting, it was still relaxing and fun. I even met a few new people who just joined. We often call it our therapy. I mean, knitting IS the new yoga as they say!

well, with that said, time to have a cup of tea to relax...

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