Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oh The Prettys

Or the Pretties? English is never my strong point, but then again, this is not about English. Let me present you with MoonDance:

Pattern - Moon Dance by Melanie Gibbons, aka Pink Lemon Twist
Yarn Called For - 1000 yards of lace weight yarn, JaggerSpun Zephyr used, Ebony
Yarn Used - 866.25 yards (2.75 oz) of JaggerSpun Zephyr in Vanilla
Beads - 95 Swarovski crystasl in Crystal Moonlight and Crystal AB, bicone, size 3
Needles - KnitPicks Harmony size 4
Gauge - N/A
Knit - January 9, 2008 to March 30, 2008
Blocked - March 30, 2008
Modifications - I added size 3 bicone crystals in crystal moonlight and AB effect, alternating between the pattern repeats.

Like I said from the last post, Melanie is a genius on this pattern. It is super easy and absolutely a fast knit for lace. I would said this could be a good first lace project for someone who is new to knitting lace. Here are some more shots of the pretty:

I started another pretty after Moon Dance:

This is Rusted Root from Zephyr Style. I am using Kona Bay Cotton in red. This is a fast knit and the yarn is super soft! I wish I have more of the Kona Bay Cotton. It seems to me this yarn is either being discontinued or just very hard to find because not many people carries it.

So Archiknist came visiting today. I haven't seen her for a few weeks. Partly because I don't usually go to the Wednesday SnB anymore due to schedule conflicts. We sat around knitting (big surprise?) and made dumplings. Yum. A good and relaxing fun was had by both.

So was your Saturday relaxing and fun? I sure hope so.

Until next time...


Robin said...

THAT'S beautiful!!!

WifeMomKnitter said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Maria said...

pretty!!! pretty!!

Karen said...

Oh, you are going to look adorable in that Rusted Root sweater!!! Keep the photos coming. The shawl is of course gorgeous. Someday I hope to try a real 'lace' project. Keep 'em coming!

KnelleyBelley said...

I'm looking at that gorgeous shawl laying on the steps of the deck and I'm yelling, "Pick it up! Pick it up!" I'm so afraid it's going to get dirty. Put that thing under glass, girl!

Octopus Knits said...

Moon Dance is lovely!

cristina said...

your moondance looks lovely! I am almost done with my Chart B repeats, but am getting nervous since it seems too short and it's my first big lace project. I hope it turns out just as beautifully as yours!