Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The New Stuff

Well, pictures are much better than words:

I got At Knits End from and I traded two skeins of gloss for Casts Off from kknitter (Ravelry link). And I made the bracelet by taking a class on Monday night at Manifest Beads (class link here). I really enjoyed it! I can even start making my own charms to make stitch markers! Do you think anyone out there will buy them?

So I went to TLC Eye Center this afternoon for a consultation for LASIK - well, my corneas are too thin so I'm not a candidate. I'm actually really bomb out about that because I really don't want to wear glasses for my wedding pictures! And I know some of you out there are probably thinking - why don't you wear contacts? They are inexpensive and completely accessible. Well, you see, I've wore glasses since I can remember and my prescriptions are so high that there is no soft lenses out there for me. Each of my gas permanent lenses cost me about at least $150 and there is only one month warranty. If it broke after the warranty period, even just one day, I have to cough up another $150 to have it replaced, and they take at least two weeks to make them since they are custom made to fit my eyes. And by the end of the day, my eyes are bloodshot!! My other option is implants! Eye lens implants! Sounds WAY TOO SCARY to me. I guess I'll stick with my glasses for now. ::sigh::

Anyways... I've been knitting away the MoonDance - 9 repeats down on the man body and 7 more to go. Gotta keep going!

Oh, and mariknits is having a contest! Go check it out and make sure you let her know that I sent you there!!!


KnelleyBelley said...

You got some good stuff - and you made something good. The bracelet is really nice.

There seems to be a good market for stitch markers on etsy. I keep looking and seeing lots of good stuff. It's worth a try.

anphoe said...

That's too bad you can't get the lasik done...

Cute bracelet!

WifeMomKnitter said...

You're gonna love "Casts Off". Great book.

Love the bracelet. You should try selling row markers.

I had to wear my glasses on my wedding day. It's not so bad.

Archiknist said...

I thought briefly about getting contacts for my wedding (I used to wear them all the time), and realized that I'd rather look like myself (but with good hair and makeup, of course), and my glasses look like me.

But if your glasses annoy you all the time (Kevin hates his), then it's too bad you can't have lasik--I had no idea your cornea needed to be a certain thickness!

Karen said...

Too back about the lasik. I'm too scared to even think of having it done. Yeah, I'm a weenie. GREAT bracelet! And stitch markers are a real kick so trying selling some and see what you think. You have been a busy lady, as usual. :)

Knittymuggins said...

Sorry you can't have the Lasik :( I'm still too freaked out about lasers anywhere near my eye to even consider it.

Your bracelet is beautiful! I'm sure that if you graduated to stitch markers with charms, you'd have some takers ;)


Anonymous said...

Well think of it this least you'll look like yourself in your wedding pictures. Or if you really don't wanna wear your glasses then just take them off for some of the pictures.
Lasik scares me...but then again I'm the type of person that can't even put eye drops in my eyes!

weeble wobble said...

Hey there! I had the same experience, I was all ready to get Lasik but they told me my corneas were too thin, my pupils were too large, _and_ my prescription was too high. Apparently not as high as yours, because I am able to buy contacts. I agree with what everyone has said here- I think it's nice to look like yourself in wedding photos, sometimes I see people with a lot of makeup on and it doesn't even look like them in real life, kind of funny! Actually I was talking to my contact lens doctor a few months ago about lasik and epi lasik and he told me some stuff that made me glad I did not get it, I won't go into detail on here though :) Your wedding will be beautiful no matter what and in the long run it's the marriage that counts!