Monday, March 24, 2008

Dumplings, Anyone? And More!

This past Saturday, CostumeChick, WifeMomKnitter and I went to Anphoe's for some knitting and chatting, and also for some dumplings!

Anphoe made the pork filling and I made the tofu one. They were YUMMY! After that, we knitted and played some Wii. Well, let me just put this out there first - I'm not big about playing video games, because 1) I'm not very good, 2) I'm not a good sport about losing. But this Wii thing... It's addicting! And so much fun! You can see pictures and video on Anphoe's blog.

So besides playing video games and eat, I did make some progress on the MoonDance:

Chart B is almost done!!! Which means this stole is almost done! :) You can't see the edging in the pictures, but I can assure you they are all there.

On the other news, I bought a scratch ticket and the result:

I won $25.00!!!!!!! The biggest one I've ever got!!! I think before that, the most money I won was ten bucks! Well, I'm one step towards winning big, right? ;) A lady I worked with won $200,000 on a scratch ticket not too long ago. Yeah, you read that right. Then shortly after, she won over $8,000 at Mohegan Sun... Only if I have her luck! But I think my risk taking level is too small to win that level. I guess that's why I'm an engineer.

So I bought couple of Alice Starmore books from amazon not too long ago and they finally arrived, along with Beyond Wool with a trade from Ravelry.

Only if I can find a copy of Aran Knitting, there are so many patterns I want to knit but I just can't afford the book! Too rare. ::sigh::

Speaking of books, I have a duplicate copy of this one:

I posted this on Destash book forum on Ravelry, but I figure I will offer this to my friends as well - I''m willing to part with it for $8.00 + actual shipping (if required).

Well, I'm off to go over the new books and complaint about no progress made on MoonDance to the dogs.


KnelleyBelley said...

Looks like you had a blast at Anphoe's! Your stole is beautiful and your luck is not too bad. I'm not a risk-taker either. I'm too afraid of losing.

Andrea said...

Dumplings??? whatever they are. But I wanted to mention the last Vogue Knitting with the bridal section - did you see it? When I saw it two hours ago I thought of you :-)

Karen said...

Congrats on the big win! The stole is looking fantastic, great work. And yeah to dumplings! YUMMY :)

Kasia said...

Those dumplings look so yummy! Eventhough I'm not a tofu person (had way too much of it during my vegetarian period back in my late teenage/early 20s times :P) but I would surely give it a try! I just found your blog again ;) Sorry, always a looser with commenting, but will do my best :P Anyhow, congrats of winning $25!
Isn't Wii the best? I recently got into video games and love it. Friends have Wii, so every time we come over we play it and it's so much fun. We got PS2 and Peter loves "Grand Theft Auto 3"...