Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pretty Dogs and New Additions

We took the dogs to be groomed today. Look!

Aren't they pretty? They are soooooo soft! Mick is Elvis and Vanilla just plain darn cute with the two little bows!!!

And look what came in the mail!

I called KnitPicks right before Christmas about one of the cord not able to thread onto the needles, and the replacement came yesterday. There was hardly any wait on the phone and they didn't ask for the cord back at all!

And this came too!

But I can't reveal what's inside yet because it contains something for Anphoe!

Speaking of mail, I got an email from michou - she received the little package I put together for her. It was more of a Happy New Year present than Christmas, but it got there none the less. Her older son liked the Winnie the Pooh board book set I sent along with the package. Apparently he now thinks all women that has long black hair "Jenn!" So cute :) I must figure out a way meet them when we go on our honeymoon in 2009.

When we dropped off the dogs for grooming today, we went to Barnes and Noble and gotten these:

And I got these when we were in Michigan:

I want to experiment with cupcakes and hopefully come up with some gluten free processed-sugar free versions of them and maybe, just maybe, in time for the wedding and use those as wedding cakes. And see the doggie needles? They are so cute that David thought I should have them, even if I don't use them.

I made a little progress on the sock. But with the game on, I should probably make some great progress.

Go Patriots!

ps. One last thing - we worked on our wedding registry today on Amazon. Setting up a registry is a much harder task than I had anticipated!!!


Anonymous said...

I love when they put the little bandannas on them when they come back from the groomers!

I found that registering at the store was much easier than doing it online for some reason. Even Joe had a good time walking around with the little beepy thing.

missburrows said...

Jenn-You have so much cool knitting stuff, you should totally set up an account with Treasurelicious. After you list your stuff, you can put the widget in your blog so that everyone can see what you have! (See my blog for an example.)