Sunday, November 11, 2007

On Hold

So Diamond Spires is officially on hold. I think it is just the way the pattern is written so that the bottom half of the yarn overs are nice and neat, and the upper half have stitches in between each odd row. It is driving me nuts, so I emailed Laura from Schaefer to see if she can send me a close up picture of the shawl knitted in Martha. She replied that she won't be able to do it until Tuesday, so in the mean time, I started something for my Christmas Swap pal.

Of course, just as I was about to take a picture to show the world, I realized I mis-read the pattern and now I have to frog it... granted it is a really quick knit, but still. All of this I blame Ben.

Who is Ben? you ask. Well, Ben is a very good friend of mine from college. I haven't seen him since my best friend got married (Labor Day of 2005!!!). He's been in California, pursuing his PhD, and I've been working here on the east coast. He IMed me today while I was making the gift. Needless to say, I was very excited to "talk" to him and it was so great to hear from him. So my frogging, it is all worth it. :)

To be fair to Ben, I was also watching Family Guy - where at the end, Stewie was just having a simulations to kill Lois. David had figured it out and we've been anticipating it. But it was still pretty good to see how Stewie's vision was and how they were going to do the whole episode.

Oh! How can I forget! Mel and Mer came Saturday and we went to Harold's and tried on dresses. We actually decided on one and came back after an hour and half! I couldn't believe we actually found a dress that everyone liked! And the price isn't too bad either! For the rest of the time, we sat around, chatted about RPI, had Thai food for dinner and did some research for save the date and invitations. I gotta get going on those invitations, especially if I want to make my own!! They left today and I wish the weekend is longer! I love having my friends over!

Well, that's all folks! Have a good night!

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JennM said...

The bridesmaids gowns are lovely, Jenn. Just remember to have fun with your wedding planning. Believe me, my husband and I planned and paid for our own wedding and at times it got really stressful. It's ironic. All that planning for one day that you will find is over faster than you can blink!