Friday, October 12, 2007

I Heart Ravelry

David and I are going to Cleveland for the weekend. Well, David is staying longer for the training course until Wednesday, but I'll be back on Sunday night.

I went on Ravelry to look up some LYS in Cleveland - There is only not just the list of LYSs, but people had put up threads on sales and what store they liked. One more reason to be in Ravelry. I'm glad I joined.


CinderOla said...

Ravelry is awesome.
I finally got flickr to work so I was able to post some pictures.

Jen said...

Hey Jenn!

You're right. Ravelry is a black hole, but so awesome! It's amazing how much time I spend at that site!

Have a safe trip in Cleveland! And be sure to buy lots of yarn!