Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

I have the honor receiving an award from Anphoe:

Yup! You see that right! :) Rockin'! And now I'm suppose to select five of you that rocks... Oh... this is hard... How about this, if you are reading my blog, then you are DEFINITELY Rockin'!!! YEAH! So consider yourself had received this award and proudly display a Rockin's Girl Blogger badge and display it on your own blog! And if you are a guy? WHO CARES? You rock anyways!

When I have some time, I'll have to tell you all about my Atlanta trip for the Primerica Convention!

Rock On!

ps. I finally finished Clue 3 of MS3.
pps. I joined Hanami KAL... yeah...

Note: Just make sure you kindly save the image to your own server first then upload to your blog. Thanks!

1 comment:

T. said...

Jenn - we're so glad you joined us! Especially 'cause you're rockin'.
T from baadmedicine/hanamiKAL