Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Back in June, my local SnB group sent out the Mystery Stole 3 (MS3) description and I immediately thought – how clever! But I didn’t join right away. I never really knitted lace before and though this might be a tough project to take on as a first time lace project (It stated on the front page of MS3 that you shouldn’t do this project as the first lace project!!!) But when I went to the group the following day, Archknist and Sunflowerfairy already joined and twisted my arm (not really, all they said were – you should do it!!!) and I joined that night.

After I joined, I was reading all the posts (there are many and good thing I have it as daily digest, otherwise my inbox would be exploded everyday I come home from work!) trying to figure out what yarn and what beads to use. I had Skacel Merino Lace in my stash, which I bought it to make MoonDance Stole for my wedding. I ordered the sample card from Colourmart because I heard many good things about their cashmere. But at the end, David convinced me to use my stash. Then onto the needles – I swatched with Crystal Palace Bamboo size 3 first. I brought the blocked swatch to SnB to show Archknist and Sunflowerfairy, and both of them said I could probably go down one size needle since the swatch was kinda holey.

Size 3 swatch

So I ordered Knitpick Circulars in size 2 (2.75mm and 3mm) to try out, but knowing that I wouldn’t get them on time, I borrowed one from Anphoe, who also joined MS3. I swatched it on the drive up to the 1000 Islands. Not having my blocking foam, I had to improvise:

I had tape!

In the mean time, my final selection of beads and crochet hooks arrived:

Beads from and crochet hooks from Van Sciver Bobbin Lace

There were many people in MS3 group saying don’t use the Swarovski Crystals because they are too sharp and will cut through the yarn. I personally don’t see how it’s going to happened so I went against what they said and ordered some anyways.

My final selection ended up to be the crystal. I just couldn’t resist the sparkles!!!!

I am finished with Chart A and currently knitting Chart B. Although Clue 2 (Chart C) already came out, but I just don’t have as much of time as others to knit all the time. I am going to try to catch up this weekend though since I don’t really like to be behind too much. Especially with Harry Potter coming next weekend, catching up will be tough!

Up to row 60!!

Well, off I go to SnB… MS3 will be my project tonight!


Sneaksleep said...

Well you're the one who convinced me to join, and yours looks great so far! Too bad I haven't had time to even shop for yarn...

Becky said...

I'm a beader and I would caution you against using the crystals in your stole. Beaders know how sharp the edges of the hole in the crystal is and either use a coated beading thread or double up the regular thread. Crystals have a reputation for cutting threads. Good luck with your first lace. The swatch looks beautiful!