Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

... to you! :)

Did you get anything good? A romantic dinner? A dozen of roses? A spa retreat? Well, I got a trip to Chicago!!! That is if the airport doesn't close tomorrow. So let me know what you are doing for this windy, icy valentine's day!!

David and I went up to Vermont this past weekend for UMass Lowell Ski Team's last ski race. We were at Killington and it was SNOWY! Saturday snowed so much that I didn't want to leave the lodge, but I did anyways to see the second race. On Sunday, they had the custom race. One girl on the team actually wore ONLY bikini and skin down the big hill! I wish I brought my camera, but I forgot, of course...

Well, I should go pack... I'll be leaving super early in the morning for our trip :)


Lilith Parker said...

I got to shovel snow, take pictures of my sister's orchids, and knit. :)

anphoe said...

I had a class in the morning when all the schools around here were closed except UNH. Then UNH closed around 11am, I got to go home and did some homework. At night, Andrew and I watched "The Departed" while having Texas Roadhouse take out dinner at home.

Baby Beth said...

Mickey got me a HUGE and beautiful bouquet of flowers (I'm not a roses kinda gal). That was all. We are gonna celebrate in Argentina and I'm making him buy me wonderful jewelry while there too! :)

Palindromes said...

I got a card and Bix cleaned all the snow/ice off my truck for me.

But Chicago awesome did you happen to get to go to
that place is awesome!!!
I had a "Devil Made Me Do It" while I was out there. (Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Chocolate chunks, and chocolate syrup oh yeah...and a little milk)