Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wedding Gown Picture and More

Although my Germany trip really deserves more days of attention, but I have to upload these so my best friend can see it, so here they are, and hopefully by scanning the pictures, I didn't violate any copy right rule and stuff... If anyone out there knows anything about that, let me know! The gown came from Rowan magazine 40, which you can purchase from your LYS.

At the same time, I also found a gown I really like by Anne Barge. Click on Couture, and then Spring 2006 collection. The third gown is my favorite. I think that gown will be my back up plan :).

On other note, I purchased this from my company store:

A head lamp!

What is it for, you ask? Well, David and I are in the car a lot, and I notice that I can't knit after dark and I don't like to turn on the overhead light. So I had the ingenious idea - a head lamp! :) I considered a book light, but a lot of time, I'm not using a pattern book, just a single piece of paper, which the light wouldn't really stay. Plus, this came with a night vision light! How cool is that? (alright, I am dork, I admit it!)

Well, that's it for now! Happy knitting! :)


Sneaksleep said...

I can't tell you how often I've wished for a head lamp while sitting in the passenger seat for long after-dark car rides. Good thinking! (And who cares if it looks dorky?)

Alexis said...

This dress is so freaking fabulous. You're gonna be super-fine in it, my Sketchy!