Sunday, September 17, 2006

NYC Knit Out!!!

Knit Out!! and Crochet Too! Were you there? I was!!!

I bought the 10-trip tickets from Metro North and met with the girls at New Haven train station. We took the 10:32 train down to Grand Central and just in time for the doggie show! Although I didn't really get to see it because I was busy browsing through the booths. I got some free patterns and a ball of Bernet Boa yarn in white (now I have to figure out what to do with it... might be good for some trim or something...) I wore Pink Frosting and was very excited that I got to do that. I got loads of compliments on it and it really is the first time I wore it in public - all the other time I had to have a jacket over it because it was cold.

While at the booth, I met Amy Singer from and she was nice enough to pose for me:

Amy R. Singer from with her new book!

We went to Starbucks to sit down and eat for awhile, just to replenish and make sure we are not all sun burned and get heat strokes. After we got back out, we met the Yarn Harlot - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and the traveling socks!

Yarn Harlot, Me and the famous traveling socks!

After we left the knit out, we went to here, and here is what I got:

2 hanks of Misti Alpaca, 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, 2 hanks of MANOS del URUGUAY

I will be knitting the Misti Alpaca using the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern, Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk for Fetching and MANOS del URUGUAY is yet to be determined. If you have any ideas or suggestions for those yarns, please let me know!

We then went to Lush to get some awesome handmade cosmetics. I even got solid shampoo and conditioner so I would be able to travel with them and not have to check them in!

Finally, we bid NYC goodbye for now... Thanks to these girls, I had a great time today!

Ola and Beth

Sue and Julie


Happy Knitting!


Lauren said...

Pink Frosting looks fabulous on you. You might like Stacey's "so called scarf" pattern for Manos (just google it and you'll find it).

Sneaksleep said...

OMG, jealousy does not even begin to describe it! I am really happy for you though that you had such a fun time and got such cool stuff and met such awesome people. And I agree with lauren, Pink Frosting looks divine on you!

Claire said...

Wheee - but MAN, it was HOT down there! I'm a SnB'er from Hartford County, and a few of us were at the KO Too!! We had a great time, and I'll be putting pics up tonite or tomorrow - I think I came back from the event with a cold, and so I feel like I've been moving underwater for a few days. !!!

Zarzuela said...

Man... I'm totally bummed that I couldn't make it but I'm glad you guys had such a good time. Pink Frosting looks great too! :)