Sunday, September 03, 2006

Book Fair! Ole Blue Eye! and More!

So yesterday, David departed for a week long business trip to Germany :( He called about two hours ago saying he is dead tired (34 hours no sleep!)

While he was sitting at the JFK waiting for his flight, I went to a book fair at Redding, CT and purchased below:

Some books I purchased at the Book Fair

As you can see, on the bottom is the knitting novel that I really wanted to read. I can finally return the borrowed copy from my SnB and just sit on my own copy :P. Next is a knitting guide. It's pretty old but is packed with information. From how to measure, design, alter different type of knitted garments. The one on the top that's very hard to see is a stitch book. Mostly embroidery stitches, but very cool so I had to get it. Some of the books that I got are not listed, mostly mysteries from James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark. I was looking for Maggie Sefton's knitting mysteries but I didn't find any...

When I got home, I decided to make some progress on my Clapotis in Ole Blue Eye:

WIP Clapotis in size 3 needles

I frog the size 10 and went all the way down to size 3. I just didn't like the way it looks! Too holey - if that's even a word.

And while I was making it, I got really sick of my plastic stitch markers that are way too big for size 3 needles. So when I went shopping at A.C. Moore this morning, I picked up some head pins and beads, and made the following:

Stitch Markers

Not too bad for first timer, right? I got some blue semi-precious stone and some sterling silver spacers and just went at it. I made total of 9 stitch markers and hopefully that will be enough for now.

While I was at A.C. Moore, I picked up couple of the acrylic yarn for a project that I can't talk about since I'll be gift knitting and the receipient reads my blog...

Super soft yarn in Acrylics!!!

All I can say is that those are not the only colors that requires. I'll be purchasing more in different colors soon.

Happy Knitting!

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Zarzuela said...

Love the stitch markers! I recently found out about that book sale and it made me very bummed that I don't still live in CT. Nice finds! :)