Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Well, it certainly isn't me that's moving. Quite a few of the SnB goers are moving out of the state! Laurie is going to Alaska, Jennifer J. is going to Indonesia, Caroline already moved to Virginia, and Joanne is moving to Boston. Soon, it's just gonna be Lauren, Karen, and I!

I love going to Stitch and Bitch - my knitting group. We exchange ideas and learn new technique and tricks on certain things, and best of all, we chit chat! Before I found out about the group from Yahoo!, I would sit around home and do my knitting while watching tv. One day, I was looking online to learn a certain stitch and I came across SnB. Out of curiousity, I went to the first meeting - it was during the summer of last year. There are quite a few people sitting around knitting, crocheting, crafting and chit-chating! I sat down and I made new friends that night - my first few friends from CT!!!! (even though I was already living in CT for a year, I didn't have any friends outside of work) I was very excited and so far, the only reason I would miss the meeting is because I'm out of town or I have SWE stuff I have to attend. Otherwise, rain, snow or shine, I'm there! It is my therapy, and I just enjoy being people that are NOT from work!

I am going to miss my friends, and I'll just have to visit those places! I mean, who WOULDN'T want to go to Alaska???? okay, maybe not during the winter season...

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