Sunday, March 05, 2006

Vacation at Killington

This weekend was AWESOME! granted, it was a lot of money, but it was relaxing and I had a lot of fun. Krista, David's best friend's wife, had booked a condo for this past weekend for Scott as Christmas present, and invited David and I to join them. David loves to ski so off we went to join the couple for a weekend getaway at Killington.

David and I took Friday off so we can enjoying ourselves a little. We drove up and stopped on the way to WEBS, one of the more famous yarn store, in Northampton, MA. I bought a new stash of yarn to make a sweater! Hopefully, I will finish it in time to wear it!

The second stop was at Jacksonville, VT. We went and saw this little property that's really a tear down, but the property itself is on town sewer which is rare in Vermont. David is really thinking about buying the property. If we get it and rebuild it, that would be an awesome vacation spot, both summer and the winter times.

Friday night, the four of us went to Wobbly Barn Steak House. They have a very small menu but everything on it was excellent. We wanted to go out, but then getting up early didn't help. We all end up going to bed around 9.

Saturday, everyone got up bright and early. The three of them went skiing around 8 and I stayed behind to do my crafty projects. I finished designing the SWE Award Dinner invitation and I print out some of the things I wanted to include in my anniversary scrapbook. Krista stayed behind after lunch and we did a little shopping and a lot of girl talk, which is what we really needed.

Sunday, today, David and I got up extra early to come home because he needed to meet up with people from work to go to Germany. He will be gone for 5 days and then going to Georgia next weekend. Home alone with the dogs, should be very interesting...

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